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First Firing where I have been responsible for all of it. It did get invaluable help from Careen on how to fire her own kiln. Plus Screamin' J-oesef came along and made the entire experience an enjoyable one. Many thanks to Chopmaster Erin, Chotchke Sculptor Don, Jokemaster Sarah and everyone's good thoughts.
Here is the top of the stack. I ran out of tall pots so I flew bowls and wide things off the sides to try and dampen the speed of the flame up and over the arch.
Here is the front of the stack. Wait to see what it looks like after the firing.
Here is Don giving scale to the bonfire that was happening at the same time as us finishing the firing.
It was only feet from the kiln shed.
Here is the veiw from within the kiln shed.
Here is the work with the door just open. You can see a couple of cone packs. It did not quite get to cone 10, a lot of things were pretty cool for the most part.
Top of the stack after the firing.
Here is the back of the stack. You can see some pots that I left the bare raku clay and how absolutely BOOORING it is. wow. Well, that is what I get for trying something new every time.

Here you can see the biggie pot that was put in green. It got a stress crack across the seam. Still looks interesting.

Updated July 26, 2005

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